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What’s happening at Wisefoolstales?

Find out what we have been up to and what our plans are for the months to come.


The last couple of weeks have been a bit quiet on our blog. We used the summer months to contemplate and to be busy at work. We loved spending time with our families and friends and going on vacation. But we have also used the time to reflect on our blog and to plan the next months ahead. 

Most of our articles have been attributed to general management, becoming more productive and dealing with failure (just to name a few). These topics are very close to us in our daily work environment. But we also wanted to continue to create specific content for our readers and that is connecting the dots. So we have have asked ourselves What is our story line? What connects our articles?


When we started planning our blog we attributed its purpose around tree main points:

  1. dealing with changes and uncertainty
  2. making informed decision
  3. being prepared for futures challenges (becoming resilient and flexible)

Embracing uncertainty

Uncertainty and decision making are fundamental in our life. Without uncertainty everything would be pale and boring. Imagine you would have that crystal ball and could look into the future. What seems to be an amazing game changer in the first place would eventually lead to devastating future. Innovation would stop as no risks would be taken. Chances would be missed. Our life would come to a halt and nothing would be exciting anymore. We would lose hope as hope is fundamentally fueled by uncertainty. Why invest if you know how it will turn out already?

When faced with uncertainty we need a beacon that provides guidance

Uncertainty as a threat

But uncertainty is also threatening. That’s especially true in the current pandemic situation. We are all craving certainty right now. How will the next months look like? Will there be a second wave? Will we have to go back to lockdown? How will the economic situation turn out in a year? How could we end up in this situation anyway? This and more of that is what is driving us to continue publishing.

Getting ready for the unexpected

We all had to adapt our habits in the last months in order to keep our lives, and businesses going on. Some of those changes still appeared to be unthinkable at the beginning of the year (e.g. all members of a team working from home every day during the lockdown). Yet we managed to adapt over a couple of days only. It shows that we can change and adapt faster than we believe. It also demonstrates the resilience capabilities of our society. We believe that we should build on these positive experience to lead and manage the businesses of tomorrow.

What you can look forward to

We will continue to publish more articles that help you make informed choices and strategies. We are also working on a dedicated section where you get exclusive access to practicable tools, such as spreadsheets, templates and guidance. We show you how to assess and manage risks in any situation – e.g. in project management, business strategies or product development. We will look at how internal and external context of an organization is impacting its strategy and how the organizational culture might eat that strategy for breakfast. 

These insights will help to increase your chance of success

But that’s not all. We plan to continue to develop our page and be more present on social media (follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn ). We will also work on Newsletter exclusives (so make sure you sign up for it) to let you know what is going on behind the scene. For instance we are planning a couple of surprises towards for the winter… 

So stay tuned for some exciting content in the upcoming months.

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