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How to avoid the confirmation bias

Decision-Making, Featured, How to, Linkinbio

One of the most common psychological traps you meet when making decision is the confirmation bias. We explore here how to overcome it.

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How to avoid psychological traps: the sunk cost fallacy

Decision-Making, Featured, How to, Linkinbio

Would it have been cheaper to build Berlin's ghost airport new? We explain how past expenses adversely impact our decision making....

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What’s happening at Wisefoolstales?

Featured, Linkinbio

Find out what we have been up to and what our plans are for the months to come....

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How to make better decisions

Decision-Making, Featured, Linkinbio

Even when we are unaware we make important choices in life. While one is always wiser in hindsight, we show you how you make the best informed decisions.

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How to deal with failure

Emotional Intelligence, Featured, Linkinbio • 6 Comments

Find out, why it is more important to be in competition with yourself instead of comparing yourself to others....

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