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The Five Ts of Risk Management

Featured, Linkinbio, Risk Management

Risk Management is more than drawing a colorful matrix. We explore the various components of a successful implementation. That could be summarized just with five Ts

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Christian on Elemed’s Expert Corner

Featured, Linkinbio, News

We’re happy to announce that Christian has been a recent guest blogger on Elemed – a specialist agency for medical...

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How to be agile in times of change

Decision-Making, Featured, Linkinbio

Understanding the concepts of complexity is key responding to change in digitalization and to be agile....

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How to avoid the confirmation bias

Decision-Making, Featured, How to, Linkinbio

One of the most common psychological traps you meet when making decision is the confirmation bias. We explore here how to overcome it.

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How to avoid psychological traps: the sunk cost fallacy

Decision-Making, Featured, How to, Linkinbio

Would it have been cheaper to build Berlin's ghost airport new? We explain how past expenses adversely impact our decision making....

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